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  • 05/04/2016

    Stay Cool this Summer without Going Broke

    There are lots of ways to save energy all year long, but most people look for extra creative ways in either winter or summer. In winter, your energy bill soars as the heater stays on more consistently and your windows and doors let cold drafts in. In the summer, your air conditioner is constantly running and the windows are being heated up by the summer sunlight which pours in and heats up your home even more. If you’re looking for…

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  • 04/11/2016

    We’re on board with #NolaProgress

    There are a lot of exciting changes taking place in our community. Mayor Landrieu has been focusing much of his time and effort over the past few years on our community. While working toward financial freedom Mayor Landrieu secured $1.2 billion from FEMA for sewer and street repairs. This was the final step in the list of major settlements related to damage to Nola inflicted by Hurricane Katrina.Recently, as a part of the #NolaProgress movement, All Star Electric was honored…

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  • 03/10/2016

    Energy Efficient Lighting 101

     It is estimated that your lighting choices can consume up to 25% of your home's average energy budget. The electricity used over the lifetime of an incandescent bulb can cost 5 to 10 times the original purchase price of the bulb itself. When it comes to lighting your home or office, there has to be a better way. Light Emitting Diode (LED) and Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) bulbs are the top choices in energy-efficient lighting.  1. What's Wrong with Traditional Bulbs?It is…

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  • 02/10/2016

    Why Try a Smart Thermometer?

       There are “smart” versions of everything these days—smart cars, smart phones, smart watches, and even smart vacuums. One smart investment that we suggest for homeowners looking to save energy and money on their power bill each month is the smart thermometer. Though it is a size-able investment on the front-end, if utilized properly, it will be able to pay itself off and save you on energy costs in the long run.  1. They’re Fun for TechiesIf you’re a gadget wiz who loves…

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  • 01/07/2016

    Energy Saving Resolutions for 2016

       Resolve to save on energy costs in 2016. There are steps that you can take as a homeowner (or home renter) that will save you big in the coming year. Some energy-saving methods are completely free, and some should be viewed as a money-saving investment. Read below and decide which steps your family should take to meet your energy saving resolutions. 1. Use Sunlight to Your AdvantageChoose window coverings that allow you to use natural light to heat your home, but that…

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